Vanity and motion attract
Rent-a-crowd for price
from 5 epc per hour
FORGET THE WORD CONVERSION As more customers inside as more interest outside For example. The visitor are interested in the pencil in your store ; he takes a photo, posts it on Instagram, writes the name of the store, puts a hashtag, then reposts it on Facebook, Twitter or another social network. It is done Invite Epocketcash users to the day and time you need. The customers who passing by will be intrigued by "what interesting is happening?"
at specified time

for cheap
at specified time

Viral marketing as a promotion method
Флешмоб («мгновенная толпа») What do you need to create the flash mob?
Not so much: several persons and mutual idea.
Favorite places for flash mobs: big squares, shopping centers, shops, airports, or just a busy street.

Good advertising not only offers goods, but also entertains and brings joy.

Flashmob advertising will help you to bring your thought to people and give everyone a good mood for a long time.
to gather people to rallies Attempt to gather people for rallies or demonstrations will deactivate your account.
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