Look from other side

Five facts
about word of mouth advertising

• Advertising without advertising

Viral advertising should not be directed solely at advertising your business. The center should be friend's advice, a recommendation, and the advertisement should be secondary itself.

• Surprise effect

The EPOCKETCASH effect - looking through the friend's post you do not understand - this is an advertisement or he found really cool product / the best offer. Upload the product photo, which users will post in social networks.

• Emotion and stimulus

Cashback and discounts are ordinary and don`t bring emotions The possibility of earning adds emotional value to any activity. Make money with ... .. is a motto that always has success with a socially and financially active audience.

• Justified expectations

EPOCKETCASH gives the confirmation that any appearance of information about a product is confirmed by its existence and the reality of the person who posts the information. No bots, cheats - just the real product / buyer / post.

A call to action is a phrase that calls people to a specific action that is difficult to resist. EPOCKETCASH is natively easy to use and forms

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